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The database as a space of convergence: a history of the practices and professionals behind the first DNA sequence bank

Garcia-Sancho, M

Knowledge Management and the Futures of our Society

Satellite meeting with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

September 1 – 1 2014

Visions of Systems Biology carry hopes of understanding biology better thereby enabling the improvement of a range of practices within our society. In particular, systems biology holds promises for enhancing the health sector and being an essential approach towards personalized medicine.

Innovative interdisciplinary collaborative structures as well as experimental and computational infrastructures are needed if any of these visions are to come to fruition. In the present work of building such structures, choices are made that matter for the future development of the field and its applied research aims. Identifying such choices is one arena for imagining possible futures and thereby taking responsibility for the present.
This satellite focuses on the building of knowledge management (KM) structures, broadly understood as computing systems built to collect, make sense of and reason about information of biological parts and their dynamic interactions.