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The role of industry associations in health innovation and politics of development: the cases of South Africa and India

Papaioannou, T   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J   Watkins, A

15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society (ISS)

Jena, Germany

July 27 – 30 2014

The rapid growth of health innovation in developing countries and the increased importance of biopharmaceutical industry associations in influencing innovative performance require new thinking about the business and politics institutions which diffuse and govern knowledge in emerging contexts of economic and political pluralism. This paper examines the extent to which biopharmaceutical industry associations and their umbrella organisations promote the development of technological capabilities and effective governance of health innovation. It is based on data gathered through an empirical study of such associations in India and South Africa. These data suggest that biopharmaceutical industry associations and umbrella organisations constitute public actors which play key roles in the politics of health innovation and development of both countries. Despite differences, biopharmaceutical industry associations and umbrella organisations in India and South Africa not only diffuse knowledge to health innovation systems but also actively engage in an uneven relationship with government influencing innovation policy and regulations.

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