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Repairing the Broken Middle of the Health Innovation Pathway
The Emergence of ‘Translational Medicine’ and its Impact on Organisational Practice

Mittra, J

International Conference on Translational Research in Biomedicine: Challenges and Good Practice

Berlin, Germany

Invited Keynote Lecture

November 19 2012

Conference flyer (PDF, 252 KB):

Translational research in the biomedical field has received increasing attention in recent years. Internationally, translational research initiatives are proliferating, and different models how to conduct effective and efficient translation from bench to bedside and vice versa are being implemented.

This conference provided a forum to discuss critical success factors of translational research, good practice, appropriate forms of governance and how the promises of translational research in biomedicine can be fulfilled. It aimed to contribute to understanding how this new policy priority re-configures (or not) national biomedical innovation systems, governance and research practices.

The international and interdisciplinary conference brought together directors of translational research initiatives, biomedical researchers, clinicians, representatives of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, experts in health technology assessment, patient organisations, policy-makers, as well as social scientists. The conference was conducted as part of the tri-national project “Translational research in genomic medicine: Institutional and social aspects (Tri-Gen)”, funded by the ELSA-Gen initiative.