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A view against the grain? The role of regulation in Argentine and Indian bioscience innovation

Harmon, SHE   Kale, D

BISA-ISA International Conference


June 20 2012

This paper engages with the complex relationship between innovation and human health and the role of regulation in bringing the two together, and, in doing so, facilitating sustainable development in emerging economies within the context of increasingly globalised markets and practices. After outlining the contested role of regulation in fields reliant on innovation, we provide two case studies derived from our empirical research into regenerative medicine regulation (in Argentina) and medical devices regulation (in India). While these case studies examine different scientific sectors in very different jurisdictions and therefore have very different factual foundations, they both demonstrate the important link between regulatory policies and innovation promotion. Through these case studies we challenge the oft-repeated complaint that regulation stifles innovation. We demonstrate that both a lack of regulation (Argentina) and poorly conceived regulation (India) are equally damaging to innovation, to actor wellbeing, and, ultimately, to human health.

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