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Bridging the big divide: on the uneven gaze of Science,Technology and Innovation Studies

Williams, R

Future of Science and Technology In Society: Symposium in Honour of Arie Rip

Twente, The Netherlands

June 18 2011

• Science, Technology and Innovation Studies has been
fragmented between work oriented towards promotion versus
• Rip and Schot’s Constructive Technology Assessment and
subsequent concepts sought to overcome this divide
• Attempts by STIS researchers to anticipate techno-social
futures have often been disappointing; extrapolated from a
limited and somewhat stereotypical set of narratives, centred
on risk, and projected, sometimes unreflexively, from previous
episodes of technological change
• The STIS community needs to consider how we may get
bound up with public discourse, policy frameworks and
funding opportunities and deliberately or unintentionally
reproduce social science fictions
• Can we learn from other academic traditions which have been
more adventurous in their engagements with techno-futures
eg end-user innovation; eg playful engagements between
technologists and artists?