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We Are Family? The Genetics and Identity Politics of Parenthood and Family

Haddow, G   et al

Innogen and Cesagen workshop


February 19 – 20 2009

This was the fourth workshop held as part of a stream of five workshops investigating the phenomenon of genetics and genetic knowledge within the sphere of identity politics. Previous workshops have focussed on issues such as the categorisation of ethnicity (E-genis); health activism (Cesagen); the forensic use of DNA and genetic databases (EGN Forum). The final event will bring some of the major themes discussed throughout the series together and is planned for later in 2009. This is a report of the fourth workshop that raised questions about how family and parent-child relationships are constructed, resisted or affirmed, and the role of genetics in that process. The discussions were based around three inter-linked themes: 1) Reproducing the family: Children of your 'own' or 'your own' children? 2) Children's 'need' for a father and mother: Who's the Daddy? 3) What and who is family?

We Are Family workshop report
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We Are Family - Videos of Presentations