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Are pharmaceutical industry associations an under- utilised partner in health delivery governance and innovation systems in developing countries?

Papaioannou, T   Watkins, A   Kale, D

DSA Conference 2015

Bath, UK

September 7 – 8 2015

Our on-going research in India and South Africa confirms an increasing role for non-government actors such as industry associations in health delivery. Their roles include their influence on the nature, quality and price of medicines and related products, and increasingly the building of system- wide health delivery innovation and governance capabilities. All this is happening at a time when there is a rapid growth in health innovation and health delivery options globally, raising the need for new thinking about institutions which influence the development, diffusion and governance of health delivery systems. Our interactions in India and South Africa with local and multinational pharmaceutical industry players; government officials in charge of health, industry and related sectors; and health professionals, have revealed the policy and practice tensions and synergies embedded in and transcending health delivery on issues such as cost and affordability of medicines and health services; and equitable access to high quality medicines and services - some of which the industry associations are trying to address. This paper discusses the practical impact of industry associations’ involvement in health delivery in India and South Africa, among others exploring the distinctive health innovation and health delivery capabilities availed by the associations and allied actors, and to what extent they usher in new development narratives.

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