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Industry Associations and the Politics of Making Medicines in South Africa

Papaioannou, T   Watkins, A   Mugwagwa, J   Kale, D

28th SASE Annual Meeting: Moral Economies, Economic Moralities

Berkeley, CA, USA   June 24 – 26 2016

Challenges and Opportunities in Collaboration between the Natural and Social Sciences: Case studies from Regenerative Medicine and Agricultural Biotechnology

Mittra, J

Seminar talk to the Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The Coastal Institute Building, University of Rhode Island, USA   April 29 – 29 2016

Preparing Students for Work in the Global Bioeconomy: The Need for Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Systems Thinking

Mittra, J

Seminar talk to undergraduate scientists

University of Rhode Island, USA   April 27 – 27 2016

What is the Bioeconomy and How should we Value it?

Mittra, J

Invited Public Lecture

Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, University of Rhode Island, USA   April 26 – 26 2016

Politics of Innovation and Development: the Role of Industry Associations in Integrating Political, Industrial and Health Systems in India and South Africa

Papaioannou, T   Watkins, A   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J

66th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference: Politics and the Good Life

Brighton, UK   March 21 – 23 2016

Who needs biotechnology, who wants it and who are the stakeholders?

Tait, J

16th EMBO / EMBL conference ‘Emerging Biotechnologies: Hype, Hope and Hard Reality’

Heidelberg, Germany   November 5 – 6 2015

Biotechnology, bioeconomy and the global economy

Wield, D

13th Globelics Conference

Havana, Cuba   September 23 – 25 2015

Science and Innovation in Scotland: a study on the impact of enhanced autonomy

Rosiello, A   Mastroeni, M   Tait, J   Wield, D

8th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2015)

University of Sheffield, UK   June 18 – 19 2015

Heterogeneity in learning processes and the evolution of dynamic capabilities: evidence from the Indian pharmaceutical industry

Kale, D   Huzair, F

DRUID15 Conference on ‘The Relevance of Innovation’

Rome, Italy   June 15 – 17 2015

Constrain or enable? How can regulation drive open innovation

Wield, D

Shannon ABC Annual Conference ‘Open Innovation’

Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland   April 1 2015

Marx and Sen on incentives and justice

Papaioannou, T

Civic Pride, 65th PSA Annual International Conference

Sheffield, UK   March 30 – April 1 2015

The African Development Agenda and Strategic Priorities for Foreign Aid Post 2015: The Case for Aid for Science Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development

Clark, N

Keynote address at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) Donors’ Breakfast - 18th Session of the ACTS Governing Council

Nairobi, Kenya   January 30 2015

Legal foresighting: law, technologies, and regulating for uncertainty

Harmon, SHE

Science, Technology and Innovation Studies local event

University of Edinburgh   December 1 – 1 2014

The database as a space of convergence: a history of the practices and professionals behind the first DNA sequence bank

Garcia-Sancho, M

Knowledge Management and the Futures of our Society

Satellite meeting with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim   September 1 – 1 2014

Reconfiguration of competencies as a response to the emergence of disruptive new markets – evidence from Indian pharmaceutical firms

Kale, D   Huzair, F

The International Joseph Schumpeter Society 15th ISS Conference: Foundations of Economic Change - Behaviour, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

The role of industry associations in health innovation and politics of development: the cases of South Africa and India

Papaioannou, T   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J   Watkins, A

15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society (ISS)

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

National innovation systems, developing countries, and the role of intermediaries: a critical review of the literature

Watkins, A   Papaioannou, T   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J

15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society (ISS)

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

From breeding experiments to stem cell research: animal genetics in Edinburgh and the cloning of the sheep Dolly

Garcia-Sancho, M

British Society for the History of Science Annual Meeting

St Andrews, Scotland, UK   July 3 – 4 2014

Banking (On) The Brain: From Consent to Authorisation and the Transformative Potential of Solidarity

Harmon, SHE   McMahon, A

12th World Congress of Bioethics

Mexico City   June 25 – 28 2014

A conceptualization to investigate the direct and indirect impacts of government policy on the performance of SME cocoa exporter in African economies

Njinyah, S   Ngoasong, M

Academy of International Business Annual Meeting

Vancouver, Canada   June 23 – 26 2014

Business Models, Funding Gaps and New Value Systems for Regenerative Medicine

Mittra, J  

Horizons in Human Cells International Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland   May 26 – 28 2014

Innovation/Regulation Interactions and Business Models for Antimicrobial Drug Development

Mittra, J

MRC workshop ‘Small molecule approaches to antibiotics – how can we enhance, develop and target’

London   May 25 2014

Squaring the open circle: resolving the iron triangle and the interaction equivalence theorem

Lane, A

OER14 Building communities of open practice

Newcastle   April 28 – 29 2014

Technology Development for the Low Income African Farmer: Science Policy Implications for Overseas Aid

Clark, N

Mapping Science and Technology in Africa: Traveling technologies and global disorders

Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research (WISER), Johannesburg, South Africa   February 12 – 15 2014

Synthetic biology, technology choice and the public good

Calvert, J

Engineering Life

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany   September 26 – 28 2013

Regulation quagmire, inclusive innovations and arrested development: evidence from the Indian medical device industry

Kale, D

11th Globelics International Conference

Ankara, Turkey   September 11 – 13 2013

The Life Science Innovation Imperative

Gillespie, I   Castle, D   Chataway, J   Tait, J

Science and Innovation 2013

QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London   June 27 2013

Identifying and Measuring Value(s) in Regenerative Medicine and Translational Research & Dimensions of Value and Values Science, Technology and Innovation Studies

Mittra, J

A Two Day Symposium and Advanced Training for Postgraduate Research Students

University of Edinburgh   April 17 – 18 2013

Synthetic Aesthetics

Calvert, J

SuperMondays - The North East's IT Community

University of Newcastle   March 25 2013

Livestock for reduced climate change impact

Bruce, A

Scottish Consortium for Rural Research conference

Perth, Scotland   March 20 2013

Regulating Risks in Health and Brain Banking

Harmon, SHE

Critical Law Society Annual Conference

Canterbury   March 2 – 3 2013

Repairing the Broken Middle of the Health Innovation Pathway: The Emergence of ‘Translational Medicine’ and its Impact on Organisational Practice

Mittra, J

International Conference on Translational Research in Biomedicine: Challenges and Good Practice

Berlin, Germany   November 19 2012

Clusters and Innovation Policy

Rosiello, A

Clusters and Regional Policy

Bucharest, Romania   October 30 2012

New Business Models and Value Systems in Regenerative Medicine

Mittra, J   Tait, J

MHRA Joint Workshop on the Regulation of UK Regenerative Medicine

London   October 30 2012

Livestock Genetics

Bruce, A

Agrigenomics World Congress

Frankfurt, Germany   September 5 2012

Fewer burps in your burgers or more birds in the bush?

Bruce, A


Tubingen, Germany   July 4 2012

Crises, Cultures and Organizational Co-ordination: Notes from the History of the Gaussian Copula

MacKenzie, D   Spears, T.

The Credit Crisis Five Years On

University of Edinburgh   June 1 2012

‘I did it because he asked me’

Haddow, G

Interdisciplinary Dialogue: The genetic family in question

University of Manchester   May 14 2012

Research capacity building in Africa: experience of the African Institutions Initiative

Marjanovic, S.   Hanlin, R   Diepeveen, S.   Chataway, J


Hangzhou, China   May 1 2012

Different Kinds of Family: Keeping it in the family: Relation ships and genetic technologies in the UK

Haddow, G

ESRC Genomics Network Conference 2012 - Genomics in Society: Facts, Fictions and Cultures

The British Library, London   April 23 2012

Innovation, Policy, and Public Interactions in the Management of Infectious Diseases

Tait, J

Emerging and Persistent Infectious Diseases: Focus on Mitigation

The University of Edinburgh   October 23 – 26 2011

Bio-clusters and Regional Development: Emergence and Heterogeneity

Papaioannou, T

1st IBEA Conference on Innovation and Integration

London   July 14 2011

Bridging the big divide: on the uneven gaze of Science,Technology and Innovation Studies

Williams, R

Future of Science and Technology In Society: Symposium in Honour of Arie Rip

Twente, The Netherlands   June 18 2011

Overcoming the Translational Gap in Commercialisation of Stem Cell Therapy

Mittra, J   Lowrie, H   Tait, J   Mastroeni, M

REMEDiE Closing Conference: Bringing Regenerative Medicine to the Clinic: Trials and Tribulations in Europe and Beyond

University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain   April 18 – 19 2011

Drugs & Pesticides - Managing Uncertainty & Risk in the Life Sciences

Tait, J

CAMERAS 2nd Annual Science Conference

Edinburgh   March 1 2011

Invited Respondent Presentation for EGN Health Technologies and Health Systems Workstream, Workshop 3

Mittra, J

Genomic subpopulations and health systems responses

University of Exeter   November 11 2010

Better breeding- can we paint animal genomics on a wider (ethical) canvas?

Bruce, A

The International Society for Animal Genetics

Edinburgh   July 26 – 30 2010

Learning to export: building farmers’ capabilities through partnerships in Kenya’s flower industry

Bolo, M

Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food Symposium (ISDA) 2010

Montpellier, France   June 28 – July 1 2010

We Are Family? The Genetics and Identity Politics of Parenthood and Family

Haddow, G   et al

Innogen and Cesagen workshop

Edinburgh   February 19 – 20 2009

Interviewing Elite Groups in Biomedicine: Experiences from the Field

Mittra, J

PFGS Regional Meeting, Genomics Forum

University of Edinburgh   April 14 2008

Risk Governance of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products and Broader Implications for Innovation

Mittra, J

PEALS Spring Symposium (The Identification, Regulation and Implications of Risk Within Stem Cell Research)

Durham Castle   April 10 – 11 2008

Risk Governance and Regulation of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products

Mittra, J

Stem Cells: European Business Summit

Edinburgh   October 11 – 12 2007

Insurance and Healthcare in the Molecular Age

Mittra, J

Biodata, Health and Security Research Workshop

Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Lancaster   June 29 2007

Riding a Roller Coaster: Public, Policy and Science Interactions in Synthetic Biology

Tait, J

Synthetic Biology 3.0

Zurich, Switzerland   June 24 – 26 2007

(Re)Constructing embryos in stem cell research: Exploring the meaning of embryos for fertility patients

Parry, S

Talking Biotechnology ... Reflecting on Science in Society

Wellington, New Zealand   November 29 – December 2 2005

Trust brokers and confidence builders? The ambivalent role of the sociologist in the public engagement of science

Parry, S   Cunningham-Burley, S

Talking Biotechnology ... Reflecting on science in society

Wellington, New Zealand   November 29 – December 2 2005

Regulation of Human Reproductive Technologies in the UK: Libertarian Values Versus Communitarian Fears

Mittra, J

Workshop organised by the Seminar in Science Studies

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, University of Oslo   September 16 2005

Agricultural Biotechnology and Wealth Creation: The case of tree biotechnology project in Kenya

Bolo, M

The African regional Youth Congress and Exposition on Youth Employment and Wealth Creation: Opportunities in Agriculture, Science and Technology and Youth Leadership for HIV/AIDS Prevention

Nairobi, Kenya   June 20 – 23 2005

Genetic Databases: Public Views of Generation Scotland

Haddow, G   Cunningham-Burley, S

Tayside Centre of Department of General Practice, University of Dundee   May 24 2005

Innovation, entitlements and international cooperation: vaccine development and capacity building in Africa

Smith, J   Chataway, J

Innogen Annual Conference 2005: Evolution of the Life Science Industries

EICC, Edinburgh   February 23 – 25 2005

Partnerships for Building Science and Technology Capacity in Africa

Chataway, J   Smith, J   Wield, D

Africa-Canada-UK Exploration: Building Science and Technology Capacity with African Partners

Canada House, London   January 30 – February 1 2005

Public engagement in genetics and health

Parry, S

Stakeholders seminar: public awareness and involvement

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   December 15 2004

Does Pavitt’s Sectoral Taxonomy of Innovation Map into a Sectoral Taxonomy of Stock Price Dynamics?

Mazzucato, M

What do we know about innovation? A conference in honour of Keith Pavitt

SPRU, Sussex, Brighton   November 13 – 15 2004

Should Scientists Tamper with Nature?

Tait, J

ESRC event

Royal Society of Edinburgh   November 9 2004

Genetic Privacy

Laurie, G

Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto   October 28 2004

What Have Ethics Got to Do With It?

Laurie, G

Biotechnological Inventions and the Modern Patent System

Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, Montreal   October 25 2004

Our Genes: Our Choice: But what is the Role of 'Choice' in Protecting Genetic Privacy?

Laurie, G

Our Genes: Our Choice

McGill University, Montreal, Canada   October 1 – 2 2004

Broadening the range of IPR beneficiaries

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology

Tokyo, Japan   September 6 – 7 2004

Embryonic Stem Cell Patents

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology

Tokyo, Japan   September 6 – 7 2004

Is Science Fact or Science Fiction?

Tait, J

Science and Bias, BA Festival of Science   September 6 2004

Public views of stem cell research in the UK

Parry, S

Constructive Interventions: Crossing boundaries between STS and Science Policy

Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), The Netherlands   September 6 – 10 2004

The Ethics of Patenting Stem Cell Technologies

Laurie, G

BioScience 2004 - From Molecules to Organisms

The Biochemical Society, Glasgow   July 20 2004

Stem Cells and Intellectual Property Rights

Laurie, G

Public Health Genetics Unit, University of Cambridge   June 29 2004

Creative Destruction and Idiosyncratic Risk

Mazzucato, M

Schumpeter Society Conference

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy   June 9 – 12 2004

International Partnerships and Local Contexts

Chataway, J   Ayele, S   Smith, J

World Bank Workshop: Development of Research Systems to Support the Changing Agricultural Sector

Washington   June 8 – 9 2004

Giving a Voice to Biotechnology’s Silent Partner

Laurie, G

Centre for Environmental Law, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands   May 27 – 28 2004

Changes in Biotechnology Companies

Bower, DJ

'Strategic Positioning', Annual High Technology Small Firms Conference

Enschede, Netherlands   May 24 – 25 2004

Profit Pay-Off; Public solutions to private interests?

Haddow, G

Egenis Seminar Series

University of Exeter   April 26 2004

Should There Be An Obligation of Disclosure of Origin of Genetic Resources in Patent Applications?

Laurie, G

'How Can We Achieve Meaningful Debate?' Roundtable meeting: Biotechnology and Intellectual Property in Developing Countries

Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina   April 26 2004

Interdisciplinary Research: Processes and Challenges

Tait, J

EC Conference on The Europe of Knowledge 2020: a vision for university based research and innovation

Liege Convention Centre, Liege, Belgium   April 25 – 28 2004

Shaping Technology Development by Visible and Invisible Hands

Shen, X

Regional Innovation Systems and Science and Technology Policies in Emerging Economies: Experiences from China and the World

Organised by Zhongshan University, UNESCO, and Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)   April 19 – 21 2004

Public Understanding and Public Trust

Cunningham-Burley, S

Genomics, Genetics and Society: Bridging the interdisciplinary divides

Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Toronto   April 15 – 17 2004

Risk Regulation – crossing boundaries

Bruce, A

III Seminario Internacional de Estudos Interdisciplinares Technologias, Riscos e Incertezas

Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil   April 15 – 17 2004

Life Science, Innovation and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mazzucato, M

Clusters and Innovation Processes in Genomics

Edinburgh   April 1 2004

Integrated Governance of GM crops and Pesticides

Tait, J

Bio-Talk Seminar Series, Technology and Agrarian Development Group

Wageningen University, Netherlands   March 30 2004

The international aids vaccine initiative (IAVI): is it getting new science and technology to the neglected majority?

Chataway, J

Time to Heal: Cracking Africa's killer diseases

Nairobi, Kenya   March 21 – 24 2004

Challenges in Patenting New Stem Cell Technologies

Laurie, G

International Networking for Young Scientists: Workshop on Stem Cell Research

Stockholm, Sweden   March 12 2004

Donating embryos for stem cell research

Parry, S

Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh   March 9 2004

Firm Growth, Innovation, and Market Structure in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mazzucato, M

Evolution of the Life Sciences Industries

ESRC Innogen Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland   February 23 – 25 2004

Learning the Lessons and the Future for Deliberation post GM Nation?

Tait, J

Invited commentary on ‘GM Nation? the Public Debate: Learning the Lessons’

British Academy, London   February 19 2004

Will Stem Cells be the Solution to Degenerative Diseases?

Tait, J   Bruce, A

Chair and joint organiser of a seminar, Innogen Centre with the Royal Society of Arts and the Scottish Stem Cells Network

Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh   February 12 2004

What Counts as Democratic Engagement?

Tait, J

Genome Canada meeting on Genomics in an Open Society

Vancouver   February 5 – 7 2004

Who benefits and How from R&D in Life Sciences?

Chataway, J

Canada Genomics Society Conference

Vancouver   February 5 – 7 2004

Genetics and Insurance

Laurie, G

Reality not Hype: The New Genetics in Primary Care

Royal Society of Physicians, London   January 30 2004

A Sectoral Taxonomy of Stock Price Volatility

Mazzucato, M

American Economics Association

San Diego, CA   January 3 – 5 2004

Management and Governance Options for an East African Biosciences Facility

Smith, J

Workshop on governance options for African centres of excellence   January 1 2004

The Manufacturing of Ethnography

Carsten, J

International Conference, Ethnografeast 11, Ecole Normale Superior, Paris, September   January 1 2004

Where Autonomy Ends and Privacy Begins

Laurie, G

Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, 27 October   January 1 2004

Bio-informatics and the challenges of interdisciplinary research

Tait, J

The Edinburgh Bio-informatics Network

Edinburgh   November 27 2003

Risk Management in Policy Making

Tait, J   Adams, J

The role of science and technology in evidence-based policy making in the context of transport

Scottish Executive   November 20 2003

Genetic Discrimination and Legal Intervention

Laurie, G

Oxford Genetics Forum

Oxford University   November 19 2003

Carrying Out Research on the Scottish Population

Laurie, G

Glasgow Law School, University of Glasgow   November 12 2003

The GM Debate in the United Kingdom

Robbins, P

Plenary Session, I Forum Internacional de Biotecnologia e OGMs

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil   October 23 2003

Data Protection, Negligence and Confidentiality

Laurie, G

Genethics Forum

Institute for Child Health, London   October 21 2003

Dependability in Health Information Systems

Williams, R

Dundee University   October 15 2003

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Genomics Research

Laurie, G

Open University, Milton Keynes   October 9 2003

Science and International Agreements: the case of genetically modified organisms and risk

Tait, J

Written Evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee of the House of Lords (Sub-Committee I)   October 1 2003

What’s wrong with European patent law and policy on stem cells?

Laurie, G

Stem Cells: Shaping the Future

Medical Research Council, London   September 15 – 16 2003

Integrated Policy Approaches - Risk

Tait, J

GM Crops and Genetics Databases

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   September 9 2003

Genetic Privacy: A Challenge to Medico-Legal Norms

Laurie, G

Inaugural Seminar of the Privacy, Family and Rights Programme

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh   July 8 2003

Globalisation and GM crop development

Tait, J

Society for Risk Analysis, First World Congress on Risk

Brussels   June 22 – 25 2003

Genetic Research and Confidentiality Issues

van Heyningen, V

Privacy Advisory Committee, Information and Statistics Division, NHS Scotland

Edinburgh   June 4 2003

Corporations, Responsibilities and the Environment

Robbins, P

Global Capitalism and Transnational Citizenship: ESRC Seminar Series

London School of Economics   June 3 2003

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Genetic Privacy

Laurie, G

'Protecting Patients' Personal Data and Genetic Information', Cypriot Patients' Rights Movement

Nicosia, Cyprus   May 10 2003

GM Scientists and the Politics of the Risk Society

Robbins, P

Oxford Genetics Forum

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford   April 30 2003

GM Crops: Time to Say Yes?

Robbins, P

Debating panel discussion, the Institute of Ideas

Battersea Arts Centre, London   April 26 2003

GM crop development

Tait, J

Café Scientifique presentation

Oxygen Café, Edinburgh International Science Festival   April 1 2003

Patients, Patents and Consent: A Legal Perspective?

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property Rights

Cambridge   March 28 – 29 2003

Broadening the Discourse

Robbins, P

Trading Genes: the Power of the Market in Shaping a New Genomic Order

Goodenough College, London   March 27 2003

Corporate Responses to Regulation and Public Perception

Tait, J

CARR Seminar on Environmental Risk: Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Responsiveness

University of Aberdeen   March 20 – 21 2003

Property and the Gene as Cultural Icons

Laurie, G

Cambridge Bioethics Forum

University of Cambridge, Cambridge   March 11 2003

Integrated Policy Approaches in the context of Genomics Innovation

Tait, J

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   February 11 2003

My Privacy? Your Property?

Laurie, G

PEALS (Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences)

International Centre for Life, University of Newcastle   February 6 2003

Challenges Faced by Industrial Economists

Mazzucato, M

European Union workshop on industry dynamics

University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France   February 4 2003

Learning in Small and Large Firms

Mazzucato, M

University of Paris (Nanterre)   January 24 2003

Regulation of GM Crops

Tait, J

Royal Society of Arts, Edinburgh   January 14 2003

The legal aspects and social implications of patenting the products of stem cell research

Laurie, G

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scottish Stem Cell Network and Scotland Europa, Brussels, Belgium, Colloquium: '˜Stem Cell Research - Opportunities and Challenges', 15 October   January 1 2003

The UK GM Crops Dialogue

Tait, J

British Association Meeting, Science and Governance Session organised by Prof Steve Rayner, Salford, 8 September   January 1 2003

Risk and Governance

Tait, J

Understanding of Risk Programme

University of East Anglia   November 22 2002