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Proximity and its Impact on the Formation of Technical Networks of Product and Process Innovation

Rosiello, A

4th Geography of Innovation Conference

Barcelona, Spain   February 2 2018

Capacity-building barriers to S3 implementation: an empirical framework for catch-up regions

Wield, D

12th Regional Innovation Policies Conference (RIP2017)

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.   October 26 2017

The systemic implications of constructive alignment of higher education level learning outcomes and employer or professional body based competency frameworks

Lane, A

Proceedings of The Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference

Milton Keynes   October 25 – 27 2017

Entrepreneurial Innovations in Small and Medium-Sized Hotels: Does Industry Context Play a Role?

Ngoasong, M   Kimbu, A. N   Adeola, O

Critical Tourism Studies VII Conference

Palma de Mallorca, Spain   June 25 – 29 2017

Innovation, Value-Neutrality and the Question of Politics: the Neo-Schumpeterian Divide

Papaioannou, T

67th Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual International Conference

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow   April 11 2017

Industry Associations and the Politics of Making Medicines in South Africa

Papaioannou, T   Watkins, A   Mugwagwa, J   Kale, D

28th SASE Annual Meeting: Moral Economies, Economic Moralities

Berkeley, CA, USA   June 24 – 26 2016

Challenges and Opportunities in Collaboration between the Natural and Social Sciences: Case studies from Regenerative Medicine and Agricultural Biotechnology

Mittra, J

Seminar talk to the Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The Coastal Institute Building, University of Rhode Island, USA   April 29 – 29 2016

Preparing Students for Work in the Global Bioeconomy: The Need for Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Systems Thinking

Mittra, J

Seminar talk to undergraduate scientists

University of Rhode Island, USA   April 27 – 27 2016

What is the Bioeconomy and How should we Value it?

Mittra, J

Invited Public Lecture

Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, University of Rhode Island, USA   April 26 – 26 2016

Politics of Innovation and Development: the Role of Industry Associations in Integrating Political, Industrial and Health Systems in India and South Africa

Papaioannou, T   Watkins, A   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J

66th Political Studies Association Annual International Conference: Politics and the Good Life

Brighton, UK   March 21 – 23 2016

Who needs biotechnology, who wants it and who are the stakeholders?

Tait, J

16th EMBO / EMBL conference ‘Emerging Biotechnologies: Hype, Hope and Hard Reality’

Heidelberg, Germany   November 5 – 6 2015

Biotechnology, bioeconomy and the global economy

Wield, D

13th Globelics Conference

Havana, Cuba   September 23 – 25 2015

Science and Innovation in Scotland: a study on the impact of enhanced autonomy

Rosiello, A   Mastroeni, M   Tait, J   Wield, D

8th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2015)

University of Sheffield, UK   June 18 – 19 2015

Heterogeneity in learning processes and the evolution of dynamic capabilities: evidence from the Indian pharmaceutical industry

Kale, D   Huzair, F

DRUID15 Conference on ‘The Relevance of Innovation’

Rome, Italy   June 15 – 17 2015

Constrain or enable? How can regulation drive open innovation

Wield, D

Shannon ABC Annual Conference ‘Open Innovation’

Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland   April 1 2015

Marx and Sen on incentives and justice

Papaioannou, T

Civic Pride, 65th PSA Annual International Conference

Sheffield, UK   March 30 – April 1 2015

The African Development Agenda and Strategic Priorities for Foreign Aid Post 2015: The Case for Aid for Science Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development

Clark, N

Keynote address at the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) Donors’ Breakfast - 18th Session of the ACTS Governing Council

Nairobi, Kenya   January 30 2015

Legal foresighting: law, technologies, and regulating for uncertainty

Harmon, SHE

Science, Technology and Innovation Studies local event

University of Edinburgh   December 1 – 1 2014

The database as a space of convergence: a history of the practices and professionals behind the first DNA sequence bank

Garcia-Sancho, M

Knowledge Management and the Futures of our Society

Satellite meeting with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim   September 1 – 1 2014

Reconfiguration of competencies as a response to the emergence of disruptive new markets – evidence from Indian pharmaceutical firms

Kale, D   Huzair, F

The International Joseph Schumpeter Society 15th ISS Conference: Foundations of Economic Change - Behaviour, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

The role of industry associations in health innovation and politics of development: the cases of South Africa and India

Papaioannou, T   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J   Watkins, A

15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society (ISS)

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

National innovation systems, developing countries, and the role of intermediaries: a critical review of the literature

Watkins, A   Papaioannou, T   Kale, D   Mugwagwa, J

15th International Conference of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society (ISS)

Jena, Germany   July 27 – 30 2014

From breeding experiments to stem cell research: animal genetics in Edinburgh and the cloning of the sheep Dolly

Garcia-Sancho, M

British Society for the History of Science Annual Meeting

St Andrews, Scotland, UK   July 3 – 4 2014

Banking (On) The Brain: From Consent to Authorisation and the Transformative Potential of Solidarity

Harmon, SHE   McMahon, A

12th World Congress of Bioethics

Mexico City   June 25 – 28 2014

A conceptualization to investigate the direct and indirect impacts of government policy on the performance of SME cocoa exporter in African economies

Njinyah, S   Ngoasong, M

Academy of International Business Annual Meeting

Vancouver, Canada   June 23 – 26 2014

Business Models, Funding Gaps and New Value Systems for Regenerative Medicine

Mittra, J  

Horizons in Human Cells International Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland   May 26 – 28 2014

Innovation/Regulation Interactions and Business Models for Antimicrobial Drug Development

Mittra, J

MRC workshop ‘Small molecule approaches to antibiotics – how can we enhance, develop and target’

London   May 25 2014

Squaring the open circle: resolving the iron triangle and the interaction equivalence theorem

Lane, A

OER14 Building communities of open practice

Newcastle   April 28 – 29 2014

Technology Development for the Low Income African Farmer: Science Policy Implications for Overseas Aid

Clark, N

Mapping Science and Technology in Africa: Traveling technologies and global disorders

Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research (WISER), Johannesburg, South Africa   February 12 – 15 2014

Synthetic biology, technology choice and the public good

Calvert, J

Engineering Life

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany   September 26 – 28 2013

Regulation quagmire, inclusive innovations and arrested development: evidence from the Indian medical device industry

Kale, D

11th Globelics International Conference

Ankara, Turkey   September 11 – 13 2013

The Life Science Innovation Imperative

Gillespie, I   Castle, D   Chataway, J   Tait, J

Science and Innovation 2013

QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London   June 27 2013

Identifying and Measuring Value(s) in Regenerative Medicine and Translational Research & Dimensions of Value and Values Science, Technology and Innovation Studies

Mittra, J

A Two Day Symposium and Advanced Training for Postgraduate Research Students

University of Edinburgh   April 17 – 18 2013

Synthetic Aesthetics

Calvert, J

SuperMondays - The North East's IT Community

University of Newcastle   March 25 2013

Livestock for reduced climate change impact

Bruce, A

Scottish Consortium for Rural Research conference

Perth, Scotland   March 20 2013

Regulating Risks in Health and Brain Banking

Harmon, SHE

Critical Law Society Annual Conference

Canterbury   March 2 – 3 2013

Repairing the Broken Middle of the Health Innovation Pathway: The Emergence of ‘Translational Medicine’ and its Impact on Organisational Practice

Mittra, J

International Conference on Translational Research in Biomedicine: Challenges and Good Practice

Berlin, Germany   November 19 2012

Clusters and Innovation Policy

Rosiello, A

Clusters and Regional Policy

Bucharest, Romania   October 30 2012

New Business Models and Value Systems in Regenerative Medicine

Mittra, J   Tait, J

MHRA Joint Workshop on the Regulation of UK Regenerative Medicine

London   October 30 2012

Livestock Genetics

Bruce, A

Agrigenomics World Congress

Frankfurt, Germany   September 5 2012

Fewer burps in your burgers or more birds in the bush?

Bruce, A


Tubingen, Germany   July 4 2012

Crises, Cultures and Organizational Co-ordination: Notes from the History of the Gaussian Copula

MacKenzie, D   Spears, T.

The Credit Crisis Five Years On

University of Edinburgh   June 1 2012

‘I did it because he asked me’

Haddow, G

Interdisciplinary Dialogue: The genetic family in question

University of Manchester   May 14 2012

Research capacity building in Africa: experience of the African Institutions Initiative

Marjanovic, S.   Hanlin, R   Diepeveen, S.   Chataway, J


Hangzhou, China   May 1 2012

Different Kinds of Family: Keeping it in the family: Relation ships and genetic technologies in the UK

Haddow, G

ESRC Genomics Network Conference 2012 - Genomics in Society: Facts, Fictions and Cultures

The British Library, London   April 23 2012

Innovation, Policy, and Public Interactions in the Management of Infectious Diseases

Tait, J

Emerging and Persistent Infectious Diseases: Focus on Mitigation

The University of Edinburgh   October 23 – 26 2011

Bio-clusters and Regional Development: Emergence and Heterogeneity

Papaioannou, T

1st IBEA Conference on Innovation and Integration

London   July 14 2011

Bridging the big divide: on the uneven gaze of Science,Technology and Innovation Studies

Williams, R

Future of Science and Technology In Society: Symposium in Honour of Arie Rip

Twente, The Netherlands   June 18 2011

Overcoming the Translational Gap in Commercialisation of Stem Cell Therapy

Mittra, J   Lowrie, H   Tait, J   Mastroeni, M

REMEDiE Closing Conference: Bringing Regenerative Medicine to the Clinic: Trials and Tribulations in Europe and Beyond

University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain   April 18 – 19 2011

Drugs & Pesticides - Managing Uncertainty & Risk in the Life Sciences

Tait, J

CAMERAS 2nd Annual Science Conference

Edinburgh   March 1 2011

Invited Respondent Presentation for EGN Health Technologies and Health Systems Workstream, Workshop 3

Mittra, J

Genomic subpopulations and health systems responses

University of Exeter   November 11 2010

Better breeding- can we paint animal genomics on a wider (ethical) canvas?

Bruce, A

The International Society for Animal Genetics

Edinburgh   July 26 – 30 2010

Learning to export: building farmers’ capabilities through partnerships in Kenya’s flower industry

Bolo, M

Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food Symposium (ISDA) 2010

Montpellier, France   June 28 – July 1 2010

We Are Family? The Genetics and Identity Politics of Parenthood and Family

Haddow, G   et al

Innogen and Cesagen workshop

Edinburgh   February 19 – 20 2009

Interviewing Elite Groups in Biomedicine: Experiences from the Field

Mittra, J

PFGS Regional Meeting, Genomics Forum

University of Edinburgh   April 14 2008

Risk Governance of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products and Broader Implications for Innovation

Mittra, J

PEALS Spring Symposium (The Identification, Regulation and Implications of Risk Within Stem Cell Research)

Durham Castle   April 10 – 11 2008

Risk Governance and Regulation of Stem Cells as Therapeutic Products

Mittra, J

Stem Cells: European Business Summit

Edinburgh   October 11 – 12 2007

Insurance and Healthcare in the Molecular Age

Mittra, J

Biodata, Health and Security Research Workshop

Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Lancaster   June 29 2007

Riding a Roller Coaster: Public, Policy and Science Interactions in Synthetic Biology

Tait, J

Synthetic Biology 3.0

Zurich, Switzerland   June 24 – 26 2007

(Re)Constructing embryos in stem cell research: Exploring the meaning of embryos for fertility patients

Parry, S

Talking Biotechnology ... Reflecting on Science in Society

Wellington, New Zealand   November 29 – December 2 2005

Trust brokers and confidence builders? The ambivalent role of the sociologist in the public engagement of science

Parry, S   Cunningham-Burley, S

Talking Biotechnology ... Reflecting on science in society

Wellington, New Zealand   November 29 – December 2 2005

Regulation of Human Reproductive Technologies in the UK: Libertarian Values Versus Communitarian Fears

Mittra, J

Workshop organised by the Seminar in Science Studies

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, University of Oslo   September 16 2005

Agricultural Biotechnology and Wealth Creation: The case of tree biotechnology project in Kenya

Bolo, M

The African regional Youth Congress and Exposition on Youth Employment and Wealth Creation: Opportunities in Agriculture, Science and Technology and Youth Leadership for HIV/AIDS Prevention

Nairobi, Kenya   June 20 – 23 2005

Genetic Databases: Public Views of Generation Scotland

Haddow, G   Cunningham-Burley, S

Tayside Centre of Department of General Practice, University of Dundee   May 24 2005

Innovation, entitlements and international cooperation: vaccine development and capacity building in Africa

Smith, J   Chataway, J

Innogen Annual Conference 2005: Evolution of the Life Science Industries

EICC, Edinburgh   February 23 – 25 2005

Partnerships for Building Science and Technology Capacity in Africa

Chataway, J   Smith, J   Wield, D

Africa-Canada-UK Exploration: Building Science and Technology Capacity with African Partners

Canada House, London   January 30 – February 1 2005

Public engagement in genetics and health

Parry, S

Stakeholders seminar: public awareness and involvement

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   December 15 2004

Does Pavitt’s Sectoral Taxonomy of Innovation Map into a Sectoral Taxonomy of Stock Price Dynamics?

Mazzucato, M

What do we know about innovation? A conference in honour of Keith Pavitt

SPRU, Sussex, Brighton   November 13 – 15 2004

Should Scientists Tamper with Nature?

Tait, J

ESRC event

Royal Society of Edinburgh   November 9 2004

Genetic Privacy

Laurie, G

Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto   October 28 2004

What Have Ethics Got to Do With It?

Laurie, G

Biotechnological Inventions and the Modern Patent System

Intellectual Property Institute of Canada, Montreal   October 25 2004

Our Genes: Our Choice: But what is the Role of 'Choice' in Protecting Genetic Privacy?

Laurie, G

Our Genes: Our Choice

McGill University, Montreal, Canada   October 1 – 2 2004

Broadening the range of IPR beneficiaries

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology

Tokyo, Japan   September 6 – 7 2004

Embryonic Stem Cell Patents

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology

Tokyo, Japan   September 6 – 7 2004

Is Science Fact or Science Fiction?

Tait, J

Science and Bias, BA Festival of Science   September 6 2004

Public views of stem cell research in the UK

Parry, S

Constructive Interventions: Crossing boundaries between STS and Science Policy

Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC), The Netherlands   September 6 – 10 2004

The Ethics of Patenting Stem Cell Technologies

Laurie, G

BioScience 2004 - From Molecules to Organisms

The Biochemical Society, Glasgow   July 20 2004

Stem Cells and Intellectual Property Rights

Laurie, G

Public Health Genetics Unit, University of Cambridge   June 29 2004

Creative Destruction and Idiosyncratic Risk

Mazzucato, M

Schumpeter Society Conference

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy   June 9 – 12 2004

International Partnerships and Local Contexts

Chataway, J   Ayele, S   Smith, J

World Bank Workshop: Development of Research Systems to Support the Changing Agricultural Sector

Washington   June 8 – 9 2004

Giving a Voice to Biotechnology’s Silent Partner

Laurie, G

Centre for Environmental Law, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands   May 27 – 28 2004

Changes in Biotechnology Companies

Bower, DJ

'Strategic Positioning', Annual High Technology Small Firms Conference

Enschede, Netherlands   May 24 – 25 2004

Profit Pay-Off; Public solutions to private interests?

Haddow, G

Egenis Seminar Series

University of Exeter   April 26 2004

Should There Be An Obligation of Disclosure of Origin of Genetic Resources in Patent Applications?

Laurie, G

'How Can We Achieve Meaningful Debate?' Roundtable meeting: Biotechnology and Intellectual Property in Developing Countries

Faculty of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina   April 26 2004

Interdisciplinary Research: Processes and Challenges

Tait, J

EC Conference on The Europe of Knowledge 2020: a vision for university based research and innovation

Liege Convention Centre, Liege, Belgium   April 25 – 28 2004

Shaping Technology Development by Visible and Invisible Hands

Shen, X

Regional Innovation Systems and Science and Technology Policies in Emerging Economies: Experiences from China and the World

Organised by Zhongshan University, UNESCO, and Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)   April 19 – 21 2004

Public Understanding and Public Trust

Cunningham-Burley, S

Genomics, Genetics and Society: Bridging the interdisciplinary divides

Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Toronto   April 15 – 17 2004

Risk Regulation – crossing boundaries

Bruce, A

III Seminario Internacional de Estudos Interdisciplinares Technologias, Riscos e Incertezas

Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil   April 15 – 17 2004

Life Science, Innovation and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mazzucato, M

Clusters and Innovation Processes in Genomics

Edinburgh   April 1 2004

Integrated Governance of GM crops and Pesticides

Tait, J

Bio-Talk Seminar Series, Technology and Agrarian Development Group

Wageningen University, Netherlands   March 30 2004

The international aids vaccine initiative (IAVI): is it getting new science and technology to the neglected majority?

Chataway, J

Time to Heal: Cracking Africa's killer diseases

Nairobi, Kenya   March 21 – 24 2004

Challenges in Patenting New Stem Cell Technologies

Laurie, G

International Networking for Young Scientists: Workshop on Stem Cell Research

Stockholm, Sweden   March 12 2004

Donating embryos for stem cell research

Parry, S

Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh   March 9 2004

Firm Growth, Innovation, and Market Structure in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mazzucato, M

Evolution of the Life Sciences Industries

ESRC Innogen Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland   February 23 – 25 2004

Learning the Lessons and the Future for Deliberation post GM Nation?

Tait, J

Invited commentary on ‘GM Nation? the Public Debate: Learning the Lessons’

British Academy, London   February 19 2004

Will Stem Cells be the Solution to Degenerative Diseases?

Tait, J   Bruce, A

Chair and joint organiser of a seminar, Innogen Centre with the Royal Society of Arts and the Scottish Stem Cells Network

Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh   February 12 2004

What Counts as Democratic Engagement?

Tait, J

Genome Canada meeting on Genomics in an Open Society

Vancouver   February 5 – 7 2004

Who benefits and How from R&D in Life Sciences?

Chataway, J

Canada Genomics Society Conference

Vancouver   February 5 – 7 2004

Genetics and Insurance

Laurie, G

Reality not Hype: The New Genetics in Primary Care

Royal Society of Physicians, London   January 30 2004

A Sectoral Taxonomy of Stock Price Volatility

Mazzucato, M

American Economics Association

San Diego, CA   January 3 – 5 2004

Management and Governance Options for an East African Biosciences Facility

Smith, J

Workshop on governance options for African centres of excellence   January 1 2004

The Manufacturing of Ethnography

Carsten, J

International Conference, Ethnografeast 11, Ecole Normale Superior, Paris, September   January 1 2004

Where Autonomy Ends and Privacy Begins

Laurie, G

Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, 27 October   January 1 2004

Bio-informatics and the challenges of interdisciplinary research

Tait, J

The Edinburgh Bio-informatics Network

Edinburgh   November 27 2003

Risk Management in Policy Making

Tait, J   Adams, J

The role of science and technology in evidence-based policy making in the context of transport

Scottish Executive   November 20 2003

Genetic Discrimination and Legal Intervention

Laurie, G

Oxford Genetics Forum

Oxford University   November 19 2003

Carrying Out Research on the Scottish Population

Laurie, G

Glasgow Law School, University of Glasgow   November 12 2003

The GM Debate in the United Kingdom

Robbins, P

Plenary Session, I Forum Internacional de Biotecnologia e OGMs

Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil   October 23 2003

Data Protection, Negligence and Confidentiality

Laurie, G

Genethics Forum

Institute for Child Health, London   October 21 2003

Dependability in Health Information Systems

Williams, R

Dundee University   October 15 2003

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Genomics Research

Laurie, G

Open University, Milton Keynes   October 9 2003

Science and International Agreements: the case of genetically modified organisms and risk

Tait, J

Written Evidence to the Science and Technology Select Committee of the House of Lords (Sub-Committee I)   October 1 2003

What’s wrong with European patent law and policy on stem cells?

Laurie, G

Stem Cells: Shaping the Future

Medical Research Council, London   September 15 – 16 2003

Integrated Policy Approaches - Risk

Tait, J

GM Crops and Genetics Databases

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   September 9 2003

Genetic Privacy: A Challenge to Medico-Legal Norms

Laurie, G

Inaugural Seminar of the Privacy, Family and Rights Programme

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh   July 8 2003

Globalisation and GM crop development

Tait, J

Society for Risk Analysis, First World Congress on Risk

Brussels   June 22 – 25 2003

Genetic Research and Confidentiality Issues

van Heyningen, V

Privacy Advisory Committee, Information and Statistics Division, NHS Scotland

Edinburgh   June 4 2003

Corporations, Responsibilities and the Environment

Robbins, P

Global Capitalism and Transnational Citizenship: ESRC Seminar Series

London School of Economics   June 3 2003

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Genetic Privacy

Laurie, G

'Protecting Patients' Personal Data and Genetic Information', Cypriot Patients' Rights Movement

Nicosia, Cyprus   May 10 2003

GM Scientists and the Politics of the Risk Society

Robbins, P

Oxford Genetics Forum

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford   April 30 2003

GM Crops: Time to Say Yes?

Robbins, P

Debating panel discussion, the Institute of Ideas

Battersea Arts Centre, London   April 26 2003

GM crop development

Tait, J

Café Scientifique presentation

Oxygen Café, Edinburgh International Science Festival   April 1 2003

Patients, Patents and Consent: A Legal Perspective?

Laurie, G

Bioethical Issues of Intellectual Property Rights

Cambridge   March 28 – 29 2003

Broadening the Discourse

Robbins, P

Trading Genes: the Power of the Market in Shaping a New Genomic Order

Goodenough College, London   March 27 2003

Corporate Responses to Regulation and Public Perception

Tait, J

CARR Seminar on Environmental Risk: Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Responsiveness

University of Aberdeen   March 20 – 21 2003

Property and the Gene as Cultural Icons

Laurie, G

Cambridge Bioethics Forum

University of Cambridge, Cambridge   March 11 2003

Integrated Policy Approaches in the context of Genomics Innovation

Tait, J

Scottish Executive, Edinburgh   February 11 2003

My Privacy? Your Property?

Laurie, G

PEALS (Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences)

International Centre for Life, University of Newcastle   February 6 2003

Challenges Faced by Industrial Economists

Mazzucato, M

European Union workshop on industry dynamics

University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France   February 4 2003

Learning in Small and Large Firms

Mazzucato, M

University of Paris (Nanterre)   January 24 2003

Regulation of GM Crops

Tait, J

Royal Society of Arts, Edinburgh   January 14 2003

The legal aspects and social implications of patenting the products of stem cell research

Laurie, G

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scottish Stem Cell Network and Scotland Europa, Brussels, Belgium, Colloquium: '˜Stem Cell Research - Opportunities and Challenges', 15 October   January 1 2003

The UK GM Crops Dialogue

Tait, J

British Association Meeting, Science and Governance Session organised by Prof Steve Rayner, Salford, 8 September   January 1 2003

Risk and Governance

Tait, J

Understanding of Risk Programme

University of East Anglia   November 22 2002