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Research Priorities for Kenya’s Cut flower Industry: Farmer’s Perspectives

ATPS Techno-policy brief 14

Bolo, M   Muthoka, NM   Washisino, R   Mwai, V   Kisongwo, D

January 2006

African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS), Nairobi, Kenya

A multi-stakeholder team comprising the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), the Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) and Karen Roses Ltd (representing farmers) under the leadership of ATPS and with financial support from CTA embarked on a national case study whose main purpose was to accord farmers and other research consumers greater involvement in setting the research agenda for the industry. The team held consultative meetings with farmers (with special emphasis on the small-scale farmers) and other stakeholders in order to foster closer collaboration between the local research system and the flower industry.