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New Modes of Governance
Developing an Integrated Policy Approach to Science, Technology, Risk and the Environment

Lyall, C   Tait, J  (eds)

Ashgate   March 1 2005

ISBN 978-0-7546-4164-3 (paperback)

In modern global economies, how can we govern science, technology, risk and the environment more effectively? As the pace of innovation has increased, the governance agenda has, itself, been changing; policy-making is in a state of flux and governments are stressing the need for more integrated or ‘joined up’ policies to deal with new orders of complexity.

This timely book describes the new approaches to policy for science, technology, risk and the environment in the context of this modern governance agenda. The authors examine the extent to which governance is integrated, where gaps exist and where further integration might be helpful for a range of policy areas. The interdisciplinary approach bridges scientific, technical and socio-economic research at global, European, UK and regional levels.

New Modes of Governance will be a valuable resource for academics, policy-makers, regulators, and science and industry communities involved in innovation.

‘I do not write such enthusiastic comments very often, but New Modes of Governance has unusual qualities compared to other academic books ... the book is very well written and clearly organized; it contains numerous definitions and brings interdisciplinary perspectives ... [This] timely book should provide state-of-the-art notions and inform us rigorously about some current issues in sustainable development, risk studies, sociology of science, policy-making and governance.’ – Political Studies Review


  • New Approaches To Governance: Shifting policy debates and the implications for governance – Catherine Lyall and Joyce Tait
  • The governance of technology – Perri 6
  • The governance challenges of breakthrough science and technology – Graham Spinardi and Robin Williams
  • Developing An Integrated Policy Approach: Life science innovation: policy and foresight – Thomas Reiss and Joyce Tait
  • Developing an integrated approach to risk: the ILGRA network – James McQuaid
  • Rural policy: a highlands and islands perspective – Frank Rennie
  • The Limits To Integration: Hypermobility: a challenge to governance – John Adams
  • Environmental policy integration for sustainable technologies: rationale and practical experiences at EU level – Julia Hertin and Frans Berkhout
  • The challenges of policy integration from an international perspective: the case of GMOs – Joseph Murphy and Joanna Chataway
  • A new mode of governance for science, technology, risk and the environment? – Joyce Tait and Catherine Lyall