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Interdisciplinary Research Journeys
Practical Strategies for Capturing Creativity

Lyall, C   Bruce, A   Tait, J   Meagher, L

Bloomsbury Academic, London   February 1 2011

ISBN 9781849660136 (hardback)

ISBN 9781849660143 (e-book)

‘Interdisciplinarity’ has become a rallying cry among funders and leaders of research. Yet, while the creative potential of interdisciplinary research is great, it poses many challenges. If you don't have disciplinary boundaries, how do you decide what to include or leave out? And what are the parameters for evaluating the research?

This book provides a practical guide for researchers and research managers who are seeking to develop interdisciplinary research strategies at a personal, institutional and multi-institutional level. The book draws on examples from across the social and natural sciences but also offers valuable lessons for other combinations of more proximate disciplines. At a time when interdisciplinary research is increasingly centre stage in the research agenda, this book offers a crucial practical guide for researchers, research funders and managers from all backgrounds and contexts.