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Sustainable Urban Energy Policy: Heat and the City

Webb, J   Hawkey, D   Lovell, H   McCrone, D   Tingey, M   Winskel, M  (eds)

Routledge, Abingdon   January 1 2016

ISBN 9781138826090 (hardback)

This book debates the major public issue of developing a sustainable, clean and affordable energy system by adopting a distinctive focus on heating in cities. In this way, the book constructs an original account of clean energy policy, politics and provision, grounded in new empirical data derived from case studies of urban and multi-level governance of sustainable heat and energy saving in the UK and Europe.

Offering an original conceptual framework, this study builds on socio-technical studies, economic and urban sociology, human geography, applied economics and policy studies in order to understand energy governance and systemic change in energy provisions.