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The Roles of Values and Interests in the Governance of the Life Sciences: Learning Lessons from the ‘Ethics+’ Approach of UK Biobank

Laurie, G   Bruce, A   Lyall, C

June 2009

in ‘The Limits to Governance’

Lyall, C., Papaioannou, T. and Smith, J.


ISBN 978-0-7546-7508-2 (hardback)

Does the state still frame debates about new technology? Can policy-makers ensure the benefits of health developments through genomics while still satisfying the expectations of society and the economic imperatives?

In this critique of the new governance agenda for research and innovation in life sciences, the authors discuss the world-wide policy decisions needed, with particular reference to genomics. They suggest the many facets of policy and could be treated as a government–governance continuum, where different aspects of genomics may sit at different points, and co-exist. Their findings offer valuable insights for the future and will help promote a global solution to this problem.