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The Role of the Product Development Partnership as a Translational Mechanism for Delivering Health Solutions in Low-Resource Settings

Mugwagwa, J   Hanlin, R   Chataway, J   Muraguri, L

March 2013

in ‘Translational Medicine:The Future of Therapy’

James Mittra and Christopher-Paul Milne (eds)

Pan Stanford Publishing

ISBN 978-981-4316-99-6

In this chapter we describe and discuss the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) as a case study for understanding the emerging role of health product development partnerships (PDPs) in providing new solutions to health problems in low-resource settings. Based on a broader analysis of the emergence and impact of global health partnerships, this chapter highlights the need for multidisciplinary and multi-institutional approaches, which are exemplified by IAVI and similar PDPs, and considers the extent to which these translational approaches are leading the way in terms of developing new vaccines for HIV/AIDS and other neglected diseases. The contextual historical, organisational, and scientific issues surrounding these efforts are presented and discussed in this chapter, leading to our conclusion that PDPs such as the IAVI are playing increasingly crucial roles in translational medicine (TM) within developing countries.