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IPRs, Agriculture and Food Security

Muraguri, L   Boadi, R   Wekesa, M

November 2009

in ‘Intellectual Property Rights in Kenya’

Wekesa, M and Sihanya, B (eds)

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

ISBN 9966 7412 0-8

This book is a reault of a collaborative effort by eminent personalities and scholars in the field of Intellectual Property rights in Kenya and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The book is rich in academic analysis laced with practical cases.

It is available to download from the KAS website as above.

Over the years, Kenya has enacted laws on IPRs to comply with the requirements of the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) of WTO. This book discusses issues related to enforcement of IPRs in Kenya using a few selected sectors for illustration. These sectors include health, agriculture, sports, music and entertainment. The book also seeks to find out the place of traditional knowledge vis-a-vis the conventional forms of IPRs.

The book is divided into nine chapters with each chapter analysing the existing laws and points out how the enforcement of IPRs impacts on trade and proposes mechanisms for review. Chapter 1 offers an overview of IPRs regime in Kenya; chapter 2 addresses IPRs in the Health sector with particular emphasis on its impact on the access to drugs; chapters 3 and 4 addresses IPRs in the agricultural sector and its impact on the food security and plant variety protection in the country respectively; chapter 5 reviews the famous case of Monsanto v. Schmeiser and seeks to find out its implications for Kenyan farmers; chapter 6 addresses the issue of copyright in E-commerce and the music industry in Kenya; chapter 7 addresses IPRs in sports; chapter 8 addresses combating of the counterfeit trade in Kenya and finally, chapter 9 explores the place of traditional knowledge in the conventional forms of IPRs.