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Components of a university spinout: aligning goals, drivers and expectations

Bower, DJ   Farmer, K

January 2004

in ‘Taking Research to Market: How to Build and Invest in Successful University Spinouts’

Euromoney Books

Your step-by-step guide to successful spinouts. With 16 illustrative case studies and contributions from over 30 industry experts from around the world. This book ensures you are armed with the knowledge to finance and build a successful university spinout.

If you are an academic involved in research, this book is your guide to understanding how to commercialise your inventions by being able to identify commercial opportunities early. Find out what to do before embarking on a spinout, examine the various possibilities, enhance your chances of winning both early customers and venture capital and how to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

If you are a venture capitalist, this book describes what motivates academics and guides you through to a successful global exit.