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Re-developing Knowledge Creation Capability: Innovating in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry under the TRIPS-Compliant Patent Regime

Kale, D

January 2017

in ‘Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship’

Stephen E. Little, Frank M Go, Teresa Shuk-Ching Poon (Eds.)

Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 978-3-319-43858-0 (hardback), 978-3-319-43859-7 (e-book)

With the advent of gloablisation, the pace of social, economic, and regulatory transformations appears to be accelerating and the resulting pressure to chang eis mounting. As a result, the ability of firms, enterprises, or countries to develop appropriate responses to change by transforming capabilities has emerged as one of the central areas of reserch in management science. In the globalised era, the ability of firms to renew or econfigure existing competencies and create new knowledge for innovation has emerged as a strategically important capability (Dosi 1988; Pavitt 1991; Teece et al. 1997).