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Waxing and Waning: The Shifting Sands of Autonomy on the Medico-Legal Shore

Laurie, G   Mason, JK

September 2015

in ‘Pioneering Healthcare Law: Essays in Honour of Margaret Brazier’

Stanton, C, Devaney, S, Farrell, A-M and Mullock, A (eds.)


ISBN 9781138861091 (hardback)

The book celebrates Professor Margaret Brazier’s outstanding contribution to the field of healthcare law and bioethics. It examines key aspects developed in Professor Brazier’s agenda-setting body of work, with contributions being provided by leading experts in the field from the UK, Australia, the US and continental Europe. They examine a range of current and future challenges for healthcare law and bioethics, representing state-of-the-art scholarship in the field.

The book is organised into five parts. Part I discusses key principles and themes in healthcare law and bioethics. It starts with Graeme Laurie’s and Ken Mason’s chapter. Part II examines the dynamics of the patient–doctor relationship, in particular the role of patients. Part III explores legal and ethical issues relating to the human body. Part IV discusses the regulation of reproduction, and Part V examines the relationship between the criminal law and the healthcare process.