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Disruption and experimentation in health research and innovation

Chataway, J   Wield, D   Castle-Clarke, S

January 2015

in ‘Health Innovation Systems, Equity and Development’

Cassiolato, José E and Soares, Maria Clara C (eds)

E-papers Serviços Editoriais

ISBN 978-85-7650-468-9

This chapter considers dimensions of current uncertainty and the underlying and common pressures for improved health research and innovation systems that result in benefits for patients. In doing so it first sets out the context within which to consider dimensions of change and innovation in health. Second, it outlines current efforts to make research more productive - particularly focusing on major ‘social technology’ experiments and the way they enable innovation. Third, it turns to the integration of health innovation with health delivery and care. Fourth, it considers the role of regulation in stimulating innovation, including the comparability of its effects to social technology experiments into the broader landscape. Finally, it concludes that we need more research on ‘what works’, accepting that institutional change may be required in order for organisational change to achieve its full potential.