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Open by Degrees: A Case of Flexibility or Personalization?

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in ‘Enhancing Education Through Open Degree Programs and Prior Learning Assessment’, IGI Global, April 2018

Starting from here: Challenges in planning for better health care in Tanzani

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The Gender Question and Family Entrepreneurship Research

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Financing AMD Treatment in South Africa

Dyosi, Z   Banda, G

in ‘Management and Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in South Africa: Lessons for mineral Africa’, AISA, July 2016

The Social and Epistemic Organization of Scientific Work

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Regional industrial development: Moving beyond specialisation

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Regulatory Issues Associated with Genetically Modified Farmed Animals

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The “life costs” of living with rare genetic diseases

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Pharmaceuticals In Kenya: The Evolution Of Technological Capabilities

Simonetti, R   Clark, N

in ‘Making Medicines in Africa - The Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health’, Palgrave Macmillan - International Political Economy Series, November 2015

Recasting the Local and the Global: The Three Lives of Protein Sequencing in Spanish Biomedical Research (1967–1995)

Garcia-Sancho, M

in ‘The Local Configuration of New Research Fields - On Regional and National Diversity’, Springer - Volume 29 of the series Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook, October 2015

Waxing and Waning: The Shifting Sands of Autonomy on the Medico-Legal Shore

Laurie, G   Mason, JK

in ‘Pioneering Healthcare Law: Essays in Honour of Margaret Brazier’, Routledge, September 2015

Trust or contract: How far does the contemporary doctor-patient relationship protect and promote autonomy?

Laurie, G   Mason, JK

in ‘Inspiring a Medico-Legal Revolution: Essays in Honour of Sheila McLean’, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, June 2015

Embedding sustainability through systems thinking in practice: some experiences from the Open University

Blackmore, C   Reynolds, M   Ison, R   Lane, A

in ‘Education for Sustainable Development Pedagogy: Criticality, Creativity, and Collaboration’, Plymouth University - Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO), April 2015

Genetics: Legal Issues

Harmon, SHE

in ‘International Encyclopaedia of the Social and Behavioural Sciences’, Elsevier, March 2015

Not Foresighting, Not Answering: Using Graphic Fiction to Interrogate Social and Regulatory Issues in Biomedicine

Harmon, SHE

in ‘Graphic Justice: Intersections of Comics and Law’, Routledge, March 2015

From Virus to Vaccine: Projectification of Science in the VIRGO Consortium

Vermeulen, N

in ‘Collaboration across Health Research and Medical Care: Healthy Collaboration’, Ashgate, March 2015

Importing forensic technologies into border control: genetic ancestry and isotope testing in the UKBA’s Human Provenance Pilot Project

Tutton, R   Hauskeller, C   Sturdy, S

in ‘Adjudicating Refugee and Asylum Status: The Role of Witness, Expertise, and Testimony’, Cambridge University Press, February 2015

Disruption and experimentation in health research and innovation

Chataway, J   Wield, D   Castle-Clarke, S

in ‘Health Innovation Systems, Equity and Development’, E-papers Serviços Editoriais, January 2015

Using complex behavioral simulations to enrich students’ learning experiences on a conventional MBA

Ngoasong, M   O’Neil, DA

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Through the thicket and across the divide: successfully navigating the regulatory landscape in life sciences research

Laurie, G   Harmon, SHE

in ‘Knowledge, Technology and Society: Interrogating the Nexus’, Routledge, September 2014

Privacy and the Right Not to Know: A Plea for Conceptual Clarity

Laurie, G

in ‘The Right to Know and the Right Not to Know - Genetic Privacy and Responsibility’, Cambridge University Press, September 2014

Introduction: Knowledge in Policy - Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted

Freeman, R   Sturdy, S

in ‘Knowledge in Policy: Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted’, Policy Press, April 2014

Knowledge and Policy in Research and Practice

Freeman, R   Sturdy, S

in ‘Knowledge in Policy: Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted’, Policy Press, April 2014

Knowledge, Policy and Coordinated Action: Mental Health in Europe

Freeman, R   Sturdy, S

in ‘Knowledge in Policy: Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted’, Policy Press, April 2014

Greening Higher Education qualification programmes with online learning

Caird, S   Lane, A   Swithenby, E

in ‘E-learning and Education for Sustainability - Series: Umweltbildung, Umweltkommunikation und Nachhaltigkeit / Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability - Volume 35’, Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, January 2014

Innovation Systems, Economic Systems, Complexity and Development Policy

Clark, N

in ‘The Social Face of Complexity Science: A Festschrift for Professor Peter M. Allen’, Emergent Publications, January 2014

Infrastructure, Investment and the Low Carbon Transition

Bolton, R   Hawkes, A

in ‘New Challenges in Energy Security’, Palgrave Macmillan (Energy, Climate and the Environment), August 2013


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Neoliberalising Technoscience and Environment

Papaioannou, T

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Fewer burps in your burgers or more birds in the bush?

Bruce, A

in ‘Climate change and sustainable development: ethical perspectives on land use and food production’, Wageningen Academic Publishers, May 2012

The black, the white and the grey areas - towards an international and interdisciplinary definition of scientific misconduct

Fanelli, D

in ‘Promoting Research Integrity in a Global Environment’, World Sci Books, October 2011

Revisiting Agricultural Science for Development: From Mode 1 to Mode 2

Clark, N

in ‘Theory and Practice of Triple Helix Model in Developing Countries: Issues and Challenges’, Routelege, January 2011

Towards a Systemic and Evolutionary Framework for Venture Capital Policy

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in ‘Catching Up, Spillovers and Innovation Networks in a Schumpeterian Perspective’, Springer, January 2011

Patenting and the Human Body

Laurie, G

in ‘Principles of Medical Law, Third edition’, Oxford University Press, December 2010

Globalization, Migration and Knowledge Transfer
– The Reconfiguration of R&D Capability in Indian Pharmaceutical Firms

Kale, D   Little, SE

in ‘Organizing and Managing in the Era of Globalization’, Sage Publications, December 2009

IPRs, Agriculture and Food Security

Muraguri, L   Boadi, R   Wekesa, M

in ‘Intellectual Property Rights in Kenya’, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, November 2009

Evolution along the Government-Governance Continuum: Impacts of Regulations on Medicines Innovation in the United States

Milne, C-P   Tait, J

in ‘The Limits to Governance - The Challenge of Policy-Making for the New Life Sciences’, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, June 2009

Building the Case for Systems of Health Innovation in Africa

Chataway, J   Chaturvedi, K   Hanlin, R   Mugwagwa, J   Smith, J   Wield, D

in ‘Science, Technology and Innovation for Public Health in Africa’, New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), March 2009

Governing Synthetic Biology: processes and outcomes

Tait, J

in ‘Synthetic Biology: the Technoscience and its Societal Consequences’, Springer, January 2009

Technological Trends and Opportunities to Combat Diseases of the Poor in Africa

Chataway, J   Chaturvedi, K   Hanlin, R   Mugwagwa, J   Smith, J   Wield, D

in ‘Science, Technology and Innovation for Public Health in Africa’, New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), January 2009

Motivating Values and Regulatory Models for Emerging Technologies: Stem Cell Research Regulation in Argentina and the United Kingdom

Harmon, S

in ‘Law and Bioethics: Current Legal Issues Volume 11’, Oxford University Press, October 2008

Sustainable (Vaccine) Development: The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Capacity Building

Chataway, J   Hanlin, R

in ‘Health Partnerships Review’, Global Forum for Health Research, May 2008

Learning, innovation and cluster-based growth: the case of Lake Naivasha cut flower cluster in Kenya

Bolo, M

in ‘Knowledge, Technology, and Cluster-Based Growth in Africa’, World Bank, January 2008

Patents, patients and consent: Exploring the interface between regulation and innovation regimes

Laurie, G

in ‘The Regulatory Challenge of Biotechnology: Human Genetics, Food and Patents’, Edward Elgar Publishing, January 2007

Reflexive agency and multi-level governance: mediating integrated rural development in South Transdanubia

Nemes, G   High, C   Huzair, F

in ‘Rural Governance: International Perspectives’, Routledge, November 2006

The autonomy of others: reflections on the rise and rise of patient choice in contemporary medical law

Laurie, G

in ‘First Do No Harm: Law, Ethics and Healthcare’, Ashgate, August 2006

Understanding company R&D strategies in agro-biotechnology
– Trajectories and blindspots

Chataway, J   Tait, J   Wield, D

in ‘The Economics of Biotechnology’, Edward Elgar, January 2006

Genetic Testing in Criminal Trials in the United Kingdom

Laurie, G

in ‘Genetic Testing and the Criminal Law’, UCL Press, January 2005

Global Change and Transboundary Risks

Tait, J   Bruce, A

in ‘Risk Analysis and Society: An Interdisciplinary Characterization of the Field’, Cambridge University Press, January 2005

Globalising Vulnerability: Impacts of subsidies and unfair trade on developing country agriculture

Smith, J

in ‘Sustainability in Agriculture’, Royal Society of Chemistry, January 2005

Globalising Vulnerability: The Impacts of Unfair Trade on Developing Country Agriculture

Smith, J

in ‘Sustainability in Agriculture’, Royal Society of Chemistry, January 2005

Interests, Values & Biotechnological Risk

Bruce, A   Tait, J

in ‘Proceedings of the VALDOR (VALues in Decisions On Risk) Conference, Stockholm, June 9-13, 2003’, January 2005

Life Science Innovation

Reiss, T   Tait, J

in ‘New Modes of Governance’, Ashgate, January 2005

Analysing Multiple Discourses in the Establishment of Genetic Databases

Marsden, W

in ‘Blood and Data: Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases’, Haskolautgafan (University of Iceland Press), September 2004

Benefit Sharing and Public Trust in Genetic Research

Laurie, G   Hunter, KG

in ‘Blood and Data: Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases’, Haskolautgafan (University of Iceland Press), September 2004

Interests, Values and Genetic Databases

Bruce, A   Tait, J

in ‘Blood and Data: Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of Human Genetic Databases’, Haskolautgafan (University of Iceland Press), September 2004

Components of a university spinout: aligning goals, drivers and expectations

Bower, DJ   Farmer, K

in ‘Taking Research to Market: How to Build and Invest in Successful University Spinouts’, Euromoney Books, January 2004

GM Scientists and the Politics of the Risk Society

Robbins, P   Cook, G   Pieri, E

in ‘Future as Fairness: Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship’, Rodopi, January 2004

Knowledge Transfer and Policy Imperatives

Bower, DJ   Rankin, D

in ‘New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium’, Elsevier, January 2004

Myriad Stories: Constructing Expertise and Citizenship in Discussions of the New Genetics

Tutton, R   Kerr, A   Cunningham-Burley, S

in ‘Science and Citizens: Globalization and the Challenge of Engagement’, Zed Press, January 2004

Dealing with the Knowledge Divide

Chataway, J   Gault, F   Quintas, P   Wield, D

in ‘Monitoring the Digital Divide ...and Beyond’, Orbicom, January 2003

Childhood testing for carrier status: the perspective of the Genetic Interest Group

Gillott, J

in ‘The Genetic Testing of Children’, Bios Scientific Publishers, January 1998